I went to see a movie with my former friend at college. The title of the movie was “Hula Girl”. It was a story about the establishment of the Jyoban Hawaiian Center, which is located in Fukushima prefecture. The story takes place in Iwaki city in 1965. The heroine is an eighteen-year-old girl, and her family is all working in the coal mine. In the old days, the city was prospering with coal mining, but owing to the full flourish of oil, coal was becoming outmoded. Many mines were being closed in those years.
In that situation, the Jyoban Hawaiian Center was built to rehabilitate the city’s economy.
The center was looking for hula dancers, so the heroine, who was asked by her friend to go to the recruitment session with her, started to practice hula dancing in order to be a hula dancer.
However, the people in the city, including her mother, disliked the center and hula dancing. They got the fact wrong; they thought the center drove the mines into closure. They also thought it very immodest that a young lady would shake her hips in such a bold fashion. However, the dancers’ enthusiasm for the dance gradually relieved tensions between the dancers and the people in the town.
I enjoyed this movie. My parents come from Fukushima prefecture, too, and my mother is about the same age as the heroine. This movie taught me that enthusiasm is something that sometimes moves other people.



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I had a bad dream. In the dream, I was killed in a flood. Then I became a ghost, and I went to see my husband first. He didn’t seem surprised and treated me gently as always. After that, I went to see my mother. And there I heard a shocking fact from her; in fact, I was not killed in the flood. Instead, I had been dead for more years than I thought. My mother said I had died when I was a teenager. In that case, I was not even married. The truth was that my husband was just a childhood friend and he pretended to be my husband so as not to hurt my feelings. Hearing this, I felt like my whole world crumbled away. When I woke up, I was weeping.




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I got some good news a few days ago. My brother got through thean entrance examination of a. medical school. It is part of the national university. Only one in forty passed the exam.
I had thought he would never get through it, so I was astonished at the news.
He is already thirty years old, and hads no background to take the exam. He had already graduated from the school of law several years ago. He didn’t do any job- hunting then. After histhe graduation, he went abroad. He went to China to study Chinese. But he returned home after staying there for only one year, a. And he entered graduate school to study international law. After finishing the school, he went abroad again. He went to Afghanistan this time to assist a famous Japanese famous doctor who saunk wells for local people. He must have been impressed by him. After working for himthem for a year, he went back home and declared that he would be a doctor. Everyone around him objected to the idea. Everybody thought he was too old to take the exam forof medical schools. We worried that he might loose interest in the idea; he was very changeable. In spite of these objections, he studied very hard and acquired the ticket for the medical school. He said that his wish is to working in a hospice. Upon hearing this, I thought he has becoame a little sturdier. I am sure that he will accomplish his wish this time.


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I went to Nagoya with my parents last week.
My sister lives there. A few years ago, at her wedding, she and I promised to go on a family trip with our parents every year. We also promised to pay all of our parents’ expenses.
After arriving in Nagoya, my parents and I joined my sister and her family and left for Gero, the city famous for good hot springs. My sister has a husband and a baby. The baby was born in January of this year. She is a baby girl.
We went to Gero by car and my sister’s husband drove. It was more than four hours’ drive, but the baby was in very good mood; she was constantly laughing. My parents were looking at her adoringly. She is their first grandchild. She was so cute that we were not tired of looking at her.


古さと新しさが上手く融合した街ですね。 それにしても、初孫と言うのは相当かわいいものらしく、父も母も人が変わった様に、妹の赤ちゃんに目じりを下げっぱなし。まあ、私も目じり下げてたんですけどね。赤ちゃんの笑顔って、つい、つられてしまうんですよねー。

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I overslept today. I got up at 9:30 a.m. I leave my home at 9:00 a.m. every day. I should have started preparations to leave home when my husband went to work. I got up then, but went back to the bed after he left. I was very tired because I have had rough days at work this week. My coworker had been on her summer vacation until yesterday. Today she came back to work. Maybe I felt relief and relaxed too much? I hurriedly called my office and took a half-holiday.



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Last Friday my husband and I invited a friend of ours for drinks. We have been friends since we were university students. We were in the same club. We went to a bar near our house. There were many kinds of drinks on the menu. We talked about how we had been getting along. Our friend was talking about the stock market. He is very much into trading stocks. His talk was interesting for us. Our conversation got so lively that we drank too much. We drank until 0:30 a.m. Having hangovers, we slept all day long the next day.


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Last Sunday, my husband and I visited Asakusa to see Houzukiiti, the Chinese lantern market.  Houzukiiti is held at Sensouji (the famous temple in Asakusa) on the 9th and 10th of July every year. It is said that visiting the temple on one of these days is worth visiting there forty six thousand times.

There were lots of stalls selling Chinese lanterns in the area. Branches full of Chinese lanterns adorned with red fruits were hanging everywhere. They looked like lighted lamps. Potted plants of Chinese lanterns were also up for sale. I bought one of them. Its fruits have not ripened yet, but I am looking forward to seeing the fruits’ color.

だいぶ前ですが、ほうずき市に行きました。一回お参りするだけで4万6千回分なんてお徳!Chinese lanternはホウズキのことですが、添削者はピンと来なかったようです。和英に載ってたんだけどなあ。ふつうは提灯のことを言うらしい。

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Yesterday was Saturday. My husband had to work, so I enjoyed the holiday by myself.
I drew a picture of hydrangea for a greeting card. I imitated the way my favorite watercolor painter paints. The painter insists that you should draw pictures with a pen. He says that if you draw pictures with an erasable pencil, it shows carelessness in your lines. Drawing lines with a pen requires courage and determination. If you use a pen, you grow to study objects very carefully. Using a pen might make you nervous, but it is very thrilling and enjoyable experience. With courage and determination you can draw lines strongly and vividly. Since I agree with his theories, I follow his way.

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Save0003_1 英語で日記をつけると、英語力を鍛えられるらしいので、これから、ちょこちょこ英語日記をUPしていこうと思います。ライティングが出来ると、海外のホームページでいろいろ聞けるようにもなって、調査能力も上がると思うので。



Yesterday I met some children who were on their wa y to school. It was raining, so they had umbrellas in their hands. They were short, since they were children, so I could look down upon them from above. I could see the whole round shapes of their umbrellas. They flocked together like chicks, so their umbrellas looked like colorful petals of hydrangeas.. I felt happy to see the scene.

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